Michael WeilertMichael Weilert, MD, is an experienced pathologist and Medical Informatics consultant based in the Fresno, California area. He has broad knowledge and experience in both hematology and general pathology, as well as extensive experience in GI and OB/GYN samples. Over the course of his long and fruitful career as a pathologist and consultant, Dr. Weilert has served in numerous positions, such as a group and medical staff leader, laboratory director and health care educator, which has given him invaluable experience. As a respected authority on Medical Informatics, Michael has written several major publications as well.

An exceptional leader, Michael Weilert has a proven skill at motivating those around him and improving any project with which he’s involved. Some of his accomplishments as a leader include the development of state-of-the-art facilities, the adoption and implementation of new and effective methods to improve laboratory output, enhancing automation in numerous different fields and effectively merging different operations. He’s also served on several major board positions where he’s worked. Outside of his work in laboratories and hospitals, Michael Weilert has also served as a health care educator, working with students at the residency program for UCSF Fresno, the medical center and local consortium MT training program, CSU San Francisco and the College of American Pathology annual meetings.

Medical Informatics, or the application if information technology to the acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of information in health and biomedicine, is a personal specialty of Michael Weilert. Over the course of his career, Dr. Weilert has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on the subject. His first publication was written in the 1970s, when he was still a student. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Dr. Weilert released numerous other publications on the subject, which were presented around the world.

When he isn’t busy working on pathology or Medical Informatics, Michael Weilert enjoys making music on Logic Pro, a digital audio workstation for Mac computers, as well as following Kansas City area based sports teams. Dr. Weilert’s office is decorated in red, the color of both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas University Jayhawks, his alma mater. The University of Kansas is well-recognized across the country as one of the premier college basketball programs, ranking only behind Duke University.